The Best Dumbbell Workouts For Women In 2021

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dumbbell workouts for women

So, you want to know more about dumbbell workouts for women. Building a new body that’s stronger, more toned, leaner, and made up of less fat shouldn’t have to be difficult. It shouldn’t mean having access to an expensive and crowded weight room. Building a physique should be achievable anywhere, even from home, without having to spend a fortune on equipment.

Which is great, since it is!

Whether you’re looking for quick weight loss, muscle gain, or an improved cardio condition, I’ve got good news for you: all you need is this. is a pair of dumbbells, no more no less.

Now what you need is a knowledge of the right weight lifting exercises and a flawless form of movement.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you through this list of carefully selected movements. No, don’t thank us (in fact, you can say thank you in the comments and share, it’s always nice).

The Best Dumbbell Workouts For Women.

This list is far from exhaustive, however, we have carefully selected the exercises that compose it. and we are able to say that you have no excuse for leaving a muscle group behind.

Note: some exercises will involve a little more than dumbbells, but the extra equipment is really a bonus, you basically don’t need it, don’t worry.

Dumbbell Workouts For Chest

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Back With videos In 2021

Free weights, nothing like it to make your chest size pop! Even some seasoned exercisers who go to the gym sometimes forsake the machines to work their “chests” with dumbbells.

The reason? The range of motion these provide is just much better, as are the sensations.

Note: For an optimal workout, we recommend having in your possession a weight bench. or a simple bench, or any equivalent (this can be a bass drum on which you can lie down like a cooler, a Swiss ball, a “step bench”, or even: your parquet floor).

1. Floor Press: the poor man’s bench press.

Dumbbell Workouts For Women

Lie down with a dumbbell in each hand, in a neutral grip (your two palms should face each other). In the initial position, your triceps are resting on the floor, but not your elbows (see the subtlety?)

Phase 2: “explode” and push your dumbbells towards the ceiling, then return slowly. in a very controlled manner to the starting position until your triceps touch the floor again. Start a new repetition.

With each set, increase the load. Remember, the thrust is explosive, the descent is controlled.

And for those who have a bench in their possession.

For the pecs, I grant you, it is better, all the same, to have a reclining bench at home, otherwise, the movements will be limited.

I remind you that you can find anything to act as a bench in your home: a cash register, a real bench, a coffee table (at a pinch), a Swiss ball, your spouse, etc.

2. Pull over cross bench.

Dumbbell Workouts For Women

Often considered to be the ultimate pectoral exercise, the sweater has the advantage of also using the big dorsal. We can therefore include it in his back session.

In the starting position, you are lying down, either flat on the bench, or across as opposite (rather reserved for confirmed).

A dumbbell in your hands, elbows slightly bent. We avoid arching the lower back too much, we lower the load to the maximum, by inhaling, then we return to the initial position.

3. One arm incline bench press

 Workouts For Women

A variant of the classic bench press, the unilateral bench press can be performed on a bench or on the floor for those who do not have one (a bench, everyone has a floor, in theory).

This alternative is ideal for working on stabilization and balance, particularly by strengthening the abdominal strap. Likewise, if you have imbalances. one pec ‘stronger than the other, you can rebalance by adding a few more seats on the weaker side.

4. Squeeze press

Dumbbell Workouts For Women

The Squeeze press is an exercise worth knowing. It is particularly effective for working the pecs, but too few practice it.

It’s up to you to include it in your homemade weight training program! This exercise emphasizes work on the clavicle part of the pecs if performed on an incline bench, and on the middle part if performed on a flat bench. So see you depending on what you are looking to work on the most.

The movement is done with a hammer grip (palms of the hands facing each other). you are lying on the bench (buttocks, shoulders, and back are in permanent contact).

The dumbbells in contact with each other, and rest on the torso, the arms as for them are along the body.

So that only your pecs are engaged during the movement. adduct the shoulder blades (shoulders placed back and shoulder blades that move closer to the spine). so your shoulders will not be engaged in any way.

The great subtlety of this exercise is that you are going to have to put a lot of pressure on the dumbbells.

You have to press them against each other, for the duration of the exercise. The tension will therefore be continuous on your pecs. Now you just have to push the dumbbells towards the ceiling (still squeezing them).

5. Bench Press: the famous bench press

Workouts For Women

The essential exercise that works the middle part of the pecs (a good alternative would be to do push-ups with a weight on the back, like your girlfriend).

On the one hand, because we are in the middle of a list of exercises with dumbbells, but above all.

Because they offer a greater range of motion. as well as a converging movement that causes a better sensation and increased muscle contraction, isn’t life good?

For the technique, make sure to keep the shoulders in a low position, to do this, as, with the incline bench press. we perform small adduction of the shoulder blades by squeezing them and sticking them against the bench.

At the end of the movement, the elbows are not tense. a slight flexion remains in order to preserve the joints and not risk inflammation of the tendon.

6. Incline Bench press

Dumbbell Workouts For Women

It is interesting to start your home pecs session with this exercise because the upper part of the pectoralis often the least developed. and the most difficult to recruit. so you might as well work it when you have the most strength, at the start of the session. so.

On the technical side, as for a classic bench press, make sure to keep the shoulders in a low position.

If you engage them, you will release the tension exerted on the pectoral, we don’t want that! To do this, adduct the shoulder blades by squeezing them and sticking them against the bench.

At the end of the movement, the elbows are not fully stretched. a slight flexion remains in order to preserve the joints and not risk inflammation of the tendon. but also not to engage the triceps.

Dumbbell Workouts For Back

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Chest With videos In 2021

1. Renegade row: a two in one very clever

Dumbbell Workouts For Back

This exercise is a little nugget! Hold a dumbbell in each hand and step into a push-up position.

Find your balance point if you have circular dumbbells (if you have hex or square dumbbells, not sushi).

Place the weight of your body on the right part of the latter, so your left side is a little lighter.

Now pull the weight towards your hips (this is called a row in bodybuilding. a flagship movement to work the back muscles ). Rest the load and alternate.

Your body should stay very straight and your abs well sheathed. If you want to be a warrior, you can add a push-up between each repetition.

2. Bent over dumbbell rows

Dumbbell Workouts For Back

This exercise can be done with a bar or dumbbells, perfect in our case! “Bent over” means to bend over, and row implies a pulling action. which gives you a first indication of the pulling completion (it makes you a nice leg, doesn’t it?).

The first step is to grab a dumbbell in each of your hands (overhand or supine grip, depending on your preference). and “swing” your hips back until your chest is parallel to the ground (roughly what, we will not quibble).

Your lower back should be in its natural position, slightly arched. Now pull those dumbbells as high as possible (you will notice that your shoulder blades should come together tightly). as if you wanted to make both elbows touch each other. Hold this high position.

The descent must be done slowly, in an irreproachable controlled movement.

3.Rowing on the unilateral bench

Dumbbell Workouts For Back

One of the best exercises to thicken your back, achievable with dumbbells! It perfectly targets the trapezius, rhomboids, and big dorsal (incidentally the biceps, forearms.

The entire abdominal strap which will fight against the imbalance caused by the load).

In terms of positioning, the key is to keep the back as flat as possible, so as to promote this aspect. do not hesitate to move the hand that is resting on the bench well forward. If you start by working on the right side.

Your left hand and your left knee rest on the bench, the right leg rests on the ground. and is set back a little so as not to interfere with the work and the trajectory of the dumbbell.

Throughout the exercise, the bust is parallel to the ground and the gaze should not be directed straight in front of you.

The pelvis is slightly arched. You can now take the dumbbell in a neutral grip, arm straight with slight flexion at the elbow (so as not to stress the shoulders). which is positioned against the body.

The shoulder is in a low position, we can go to the pulling, the shoulder goes up to initiate the movement. and pull the load and then the elbow rises as much as possible upwards.

Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

Best Workout Apps To Build A Massive Muscles In 2021

1. Single arm shoulder press

Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

A variant of the classic military press, this version can be performed either standing or seated.

Grab your dumbbell and bring it up to your shoulder, the other arm may be extended to compensate for the imbalance. or resting on your waist.

Rotate your wrist so that the palm of your hand is “looking” ahead, this is your starting position.

Push the weight while exhaling until your arm is almost straight (take care to keep a little flex at the elbow). Return to the initial position by blowing.

You can also vary the movement like Arnold himself did (by the way this variation is called the Arnold press).

The starting position changes in that the grip is supine, not overhand. with the dumbbell in front of your shoulder and not to the side. During the movement, you will rotate your wrist and shoulder to finish in an overhand grip.

2. Seated or Standing military press

Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

Often criticized when performed standing up, the military press is nonetheless an excellent polyarticular exercise when performed perfectly.

It mainly uses the deltoid muscles (shoulders). as well as the triceps, the top of the pecs (clavicle part), the trapezius, and serrations.

For starters, it is best to do this sitting down, with support for your back. When it is done standing, it is sometimes accused of placing enormous stress on the lower back (if you already have lower back pain, skip your turn).

For it to be performed safely, it is necessary to maintain an irreproachable gluteal and abdominal sheathing to compensate for the arching of the back that is created so that the body maintains a good balance.

Sitting and dumbbells, however, this exercise does not present any particular risks, and you can give it to your heart’s content.

3. Side elevations bent bust

Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

This exercise, also known as the “bird,” is a must-have for the shoulders, especially the back portion. This is an ideal isolation exercise to target that part of the deltoid that is all too often neglected.

The majority of bodybuilders tend to have more developed front shoulders. the “fault” of some popular exercises such as bench press or dips that work this beam.

In short, to avoid any aesthetic imbalance, including the bird in your shoulder routine! Who says insulation exercise says light loads.

During the movement, you must be careful to keep the fixing muscles contracted, trying to bring the shoulder blades together.

Otherwise, the back muscles will do a lot of work, which is not what you want. Always keep your elbows bent and don’t use momentum to lift the load.

You can explore during the positive phase, but the negative must be slow and well-controlled. Keep your gaze towards your feet throughout the exercise and try to point your elbows towards the ceiling at the end of the movement.

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

Build Six-Packs With These Dumbbell Exercises For Abs For 2021

1. Farmer Walk

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

The next time you are at the gym, take the opportunity to take a walk. The dumbbell farmer’s walk is one of the most underused abs exercises, and yet it’s one of the simplest too!

Besides getting you used to carry heavy things like your lovely wife’s luggage or beer packs.

This exercise challenges your stabilizing muscles every moment. In addition, it will strengthen your handles, forearms, deltoids, and trapezius. areas often neglected during sessions, a must!

2. Standing Oblique

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

You can do this exercise at home as long as you have a weight, a dumbbell, or a kettlebell (possibly a grocery bag).

This move will burn your obliques like never before! The amplitude is intended to be short enough, you should not go too low so as not to put too much pressure on your spine. your legs should remain straight and your hips aligned.

Dumbbell Exercises For Legs

Best Workout Apps To Build A Massive Muscles In 2021

1. Romanian Deadlift

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

One of the best gluten abs exercises that will improve your balance and your ability to be stable on one leg. The instability induced by the one-sidedness of the exercise causes you to overcompensate with your buttocks and your abdominal strap.

Begin standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, abs tight, with a dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand.

Lower, keeping your right leg perfectly straight, and bring the dumbbell as close as possible to your right foot. keeping your abs tight and your chest straight.

As you descend, the goal is to maintain a perfectly straight, horizontal line between your head and your left foot. Your right foot never touches the floor again until all the reps are done.

Do all of your reps before switching legs. You can do 3 sets of 15 reps per leg.

2. Goblet squat

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

Hold a dumbbell in your hands, close to your torso (one hand on either side of the weight), tilt your hips back and lower into a squat position, as far as possible. Give a break and “explode” to return to starting position, repeat.

3. Dumbbell steps ups

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

Stand with a dumbbell in each hand in a neutral grip. Step onto the step (or any platform) doing an extension of the hip and knee.

Push primarily on your heel to take the load off your body, now put the other foot on the support. Exhale during the ascent.

Return to the starting position by taking a deep breath, then repeat, changing sides. This exercise is excellent for people with low back pain who are not able to deadlift.

As a variation, you can jump on the platform with both feet, start without the dumbbells. and gradually add resistance, ideal for working on your explosiveness.

4. Slits

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

Regardless, the dumbbells are quite capable of working the leg muscles, through squats as we have just seen, but also lunges.

Whether practiced in static or in motion (walking lunges), they are sure to titillate the muscle fibers of the quadriceps, gluts. and, to a lesser extent: calves.

As for the execution, the lunges are done making sure to always keep the back straight, the torso well out.

Keep in mind that it is the pelvis that goes down vertically. Lower down until your back leg is parallel to the ground on your tiptoes. As you come back up, push hard on your heel, much like the squat.

5. Single legs calve raise

Dumbbell Exercises For Abs

To finish your legs well, it is good to end your sessions with a little work on the calves. What better way to do that than good old “calves raises”, also called calf extensions.

With a dumbbell in one hand in a neutral grip, the other hand which is used to stand if necessary. place one of your two feet high (on a book for example), heel in the air.

Slowly perform your extension of the calf by pausing at the top of the movement to feel the contraction. Remember to change your calf after each set.

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Arms To Get A massive Arms 2021

We now move on to biceps exercises

1. Lying triceps extensions

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

The elongated triceps extensions are a great alternative to the famous “forehead bar”, but to dumbbells. Lying down, a dumbbell in each hand, your arms are almost stretched out above your head, the dumbbells directly above your shoulders (now is not the time to let go, eh!).

In a slow, controlled motion, without your elbows moving, bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells just above your shoulders. Mark a time and lower the dumbbells to a low position, contracting the triceps.

2. Alternate Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

Alternate bicep curls are one of the dumbbell exercises that cannot be cut, they are an integral part of the big arm kit.

Nothing like curls to show this vein on your biceps.

There are, however, a number of variations to the movement, but this one: it is the basis (others will recruit other muscle areas. such as the forearms with the Zottman curl for example).

For movement, it’s very simple. Take the dumbbells in a hammer grip, then rotate your forearm until you find your peak bicep contraction.

Under no circumstances should you use any swing or include a sliding movement (the elbow does not move one iota during the entire movement).

3. Incline curls: for those with a bench

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

The problem with biceps is that they lose strength when they stretch on the one hand, but also when they contract.

To maximize bicep development, therefore. focus your efforts on exercises that allow the biceps to stretch and contract simultaneously.

And there aren’t masses of them that take advantage of this relationship called tension/length.

One of them, quite simply one of the best exercises for biceps, is our famous dumbbell incline curl.

This exercise, as its name suggests, is performed on a reclining bench with dumbbells.

It focuses the work on the biceps brachii (long and short biceps). This is one of the few exercises, along with the supine pull-ups, that takes the full potential of the tension/length relationship.

Observe the following points: elbow below the shoulder line / the elbow does not move in any way during the movement / only the biceps are working / the head is off the bench.

Dumbbell Workouts For Cardio

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts And the Best Dumbbell Exercises For 2021

1. Swing

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

Performing a swing is very simple, grab a dumbbell with both hands, your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend your knees slightly while pushing your hips back. Your chest is straight and forward. The kettlebell is now located between your two legs, your arms are straight.

Explosively, you will induce momentum by pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes.

From which momentum will be induced by the movement of the load. Bring it up to your shoulders in a swing, without using your arm muscles to do the work. Return the weight to the starting position and repeat.

2. Burpees

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

You probably know this ultimate exercise to burn calories? In its basic version, burpees are a sequence of push-ups and jumps. Only there are endless possibilities to decline them (adding a squat, 180 jump, tuck jump, etc.), and one of them, certainly the worst, consists of carrying a dumbbell in each hand … start by trying to do even 5.


1. Thrusters

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

The thruster is a pure Cross Fit movement that will torture a lot of your muscles in just one exercise! Curved chest, abs engaged, the weights are in front of you like a front squat.

You go down in a full squat (buttocks flush with the grass). Going up, take the opportunity to push the load up. You will be working your entire posterior chain in addition to your trapezius and deltoids.

2. Pullover + chest press

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

A perfect movement to club your pecs, it consists of doing two exercises that we saw above, namely the bench press in its classic form. followed by a movement of the sweater! Be careful, it gets hot.

3. Superset : Fly Press & Squeeze press

Dumbbell Workouts For Forearms

Another sequence that aims to finish the pecs well. This time, we’re going to do the Fly Press which is a perfect isolation exercise (also called lying spread) with the squeeze press. Do not squeeze anything in this exercise, focus on perfect execution.

There you have it, don’t forget to get yourself a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench to be in the best of conditions. Also, don’t forget to share this article, it seems muscular.

So if you want to learn more about dumbbell exercises…

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