Avoid these 8 Mistakes After A Workout

Workout Mistakes

After a workout, your muscles are left broken down due to microscopic tears and your glycogen stores are left depleted leaving you feeling a little more tired and much hungrier than you felt before you started your workout. Now, this is all perfectly normal as long as you do the right things after your workout to recover.

Take your body one step closer to your goals of burning fat or building muscle. However, there are some very common mistakes that so many people are making at the end of their workouts.

These mistakes can literally kill your progress and actually make you move further away from your goal. even if you’re working out hard and consistently.

8. Avoiding fats after a workout is a myth

Avoid these 8 Mistakes After A Workout

The first mistake that I want to start with is believing that you can’t eat any sources of fat like eggs avocado or steak after your workout. Now this belief has been around for a long time and I used to believe in it too. it’s based on the fact that fats can slow the digestion of your meals and the idea behind that is that.

It would make it take longer for the nutrients to get into your muscle cells and for your body to switch from breaking down muscle to repairing. And rebuilding muscle on top of that while carbohydrates and protein play a big part in the recovery and muscle growth process of fats. don’t really help spike your insulin levels in the way that carbs do.

They can’t be used to repair your muscles the way that protein can and in general they don’t really have any direct anabolic properties. But with all that said there’s really no evidence that it’s necessarily bad to have fats after your workout even though.

It might slow the absorption of your post-workout meal, it shouldn’t really hurt you or reduce. the benefits that you experience this is because even though you don’t want to wait too long you don’t necessarily need to get all those nutrients into your muscles as fast as possible.

after your workout so if your meal, takes a little longer to absorb because you added fat to it. It’s really not going to make that big of a difference especially if you already had breakfast or you simply ate before your workout. Even though the research that we have is limited and is only based on cyclists rather than weight lifters. That research does still support the idea that even if you consume a very high-fat meal.

after working out where 45 of the calories are coming from fat. the recovery process should not be negatively affected. so, the bottom line is that it’s okay to have sources of fat like whole milk instead of skim milk with your protein shake after a workout. the one exception to this is if you haven’t eaten anything in over four hours. then you may want to limit your fat. intake after your workout to help get the nutrients to your muscles faster.

Avoid these 8 Mistakes After A Workout
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