Best HIIT Workouts to Get You Shredded For Summer

Hiit Workouts

Good HIIT workouts need to target both muscle groups, but preferably in different sections of the body. You should alternate muscle parts in a circuit, with short periods of high intensity (or super-high intensity) followed by shorter bouts with moderate or low intensity. This forces your body to change its energy flow and shift into effective stress on your muscles. In order to succeed at triggering your body’s recovery process, you need to provide plenty of rest between sessions.

The two most common types of HIIT workouts include cardiovascular exercises and weight training. Cardiovascular exercises burn off calories and build lean muscle tissue. They do this through blood circulation and increased metabolism. Weight training exercises work out the larger muscle groups of the body, allowing them to become larger and stronger.

Be careful when choosing a HIIT routine and make sure to try several different ones before settling on one that is right for you. If possible, work out in a warm-up period and then follow a steady rate of exercise for the entire workout. If you don’t feel confident, you can skip the warm-up or the workout can be split up into two parts. Either way, however, make sure the first part is done before any other exercise.

Once you have chosen a workout routine that you are comfortable with, you will need to find a suitable gym for your stay. HIIT workout gyms usually have different types of equipment, so it is important to consider your goal as well as fit your schedule into the gym.

For example, if you plan on hitting the gym three times per week, then you definitely want to find one that offers a space that allows you this frequency. There are plenty of HIIT gyms that offer spacious spaces so try to look at each one carefully to ensure that you are getting the workout you need.


Best HIIT Workouts to Get You Shredded For Summer
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