Full Body Dumbbell Workouts In 2021

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full body dumbbell workouts

Do you want A full body dumbbell workouts? Dumbbell exercises are an integral part of most strength training programs. It can be used to develop various strengths such as extreme strength, muscle hypertrophy, explosive strength, and endurance. If you do not resort to strength training, you can start over using dumbbells because dumbbell exercises provide a full-body workout in a small space of space without the need to go to exercise.

Dumbbells are a common piece of equipment in health clubs and in many home gyms. You can use heavy dumbbells for strength gain or light dumbbells for simple, low-intensity exercises.

Among the other benefits of dumbbell exercises is comfort. You can do multiple exercises with dumbbells without the need for other unnecessary equipment. And you can switch equipment during the exercise.

Generally speaking, it is a great tool to add a powerful training program. Dumbbells are a great tool for increasing overall strength compared to other machines.

It is used in increasing the stability of the muscles of the body during movement as well as increasing the range of motion. one of the best exercises that use dumbbells is the compound exercises that you do with dumbbells.

Include compound movements such as multi-joint exercises that work on more than one muscle at a time. These exercises increase strength and athletic coordination with the use of a pair of dumbbells.

We will show you the full body dumbbell workouts. Which helps to highlight and divide better.

  • The upper squat exercise.
  • Toe touch exercise.
  • Turkish advancement exercise.
  • Dumbbell throw.
  • Lunge with dumbbells.
  • The swing row exercise.
  • Dumbbell pressure.
  • Shoulders Lifted Split Squat Exercise.
  • Squat Pistol With Dumbbells.
  • The Six Pack Exercise.
  • Eccentric Bicep Curls.
  • Lying Triceps Extensions.
  • Hammer Curls.
  • Side Laterals Workout.
  • Dumbbell Row Workout.
  • Goblet Squat Exercise.
  • Nordic Lean exercise.
  • Romanian Deadlift Exercise

Best Full Body Dumbbell Workouts.

1. The upper squat exercise

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

One of the benefits of the upper squat exercise is that it increases flexibility in the body.

It begins by standing with the feet open at the width of the hips and holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands.

Then raising the arms up toward the ceiling while holding the dumbbells. Try to lower the body until the thighs are parallel to the floor and arms up, to take a squatting position.

Using your heels, you can return to the starting position. You can repeat on 5 groups of each group 10 times.

2. Toe touch exercise.

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

This exercise helps you to promote balance. This position assumes walking on the feet and holding dumbbells in your left hands.

And lifting them until they reach near the shoulder and leaning with the right hand on the ground to achieve body balance.

Work on raising the right leg to try to touch the toes with dumbbells. And back again to the starting position.

You can repeat 10 times and switch legs and arms to do 1 to 3 sets.

3. Turkish advancement exercise.

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

Exercise helps you speed up recovery and reduce injury during exercise.

Lie on your back with the right leg bent to a 90-degree angle, the left arm at your side.

Hold the dumbbell in the right arm, and your right hand raised until it reaches above the chest.

Try to turn to the left side and support yourself with the left forearm. Straighten your left arm, raise your hips, and push the body into a half-kneeling position with the left leg back.

Then getting up back to the starting position. And switching sides with repetition can be done 50 times for each side.

4. Dumbbell throw.

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

Put dumbbells in your right hands Stand with the feet open backward Work to lower the body.

Bend the knees until your right hands reach the ground and the left arm in the back direction of the body You can hold for 20 seconds.

Work on repetition and switching between the arms.

5. Lunge with dumbbells.

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts

Exercise helps you increase speed while performing other exercises. Stand in a straight position with feet open hips-wide and hold dumbbells in both hands with arms bent.

So that the dumbbells are facing the ribs of the chest and the hands are facing each other. Turn your torso to the left by moving your right foot and pushing the right hand in front of you.

Now the meat is in the left hand and continues doing so 20 seconds before alternating between the sides.

6. The swing row exercise.

Full Body Dumbbell exercises

Exercise enables you to boost the body’s metabolism. Hold a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length by your side.

Try to take a step forward with your left foot, bending your knees and joints forward.

Line up the dumbbells in your right hand to your right side and then lower down until the dumbbells are facing the ground.

Continue the exercise, alternating sides as quickly as possible for 20 seconds. Holding for 10 seconds, switching between legs, and repeating to continue for 4 minutes.

7. Dumbbell pressure.

Dumbbell exercises

Grab a pair of dumbbells in your hands and take a push-up position with your arms facing each other. Straighten your feet a little.

The body should form a straight line from the head to the ankles. Now, raise the dumbbell in your right hand until it reaches near the chest.

Lean the dumbbell in the left hand on the floor and support the body lift through the heels.

Next, lower your body and repeat the same steps with your left arm and continue alternating between the right and left hand.

8. Shoulders Lifted Split Squat Exercise.

Dumbbell exercises

Stand with the feet open at shoulder width. And carry a pair of dumbbells between your hands to put the hands opposite the hips to go down the body on the ground with the left foot leaning forward and the left thigh becomes parallel to the ground. And the right foot back.

Then push the body suddenly in the same position and spread the arms beside you and repeat for a period of 5 minutes, rest as needed, and switch legs.

9. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Squat Pistol With Dumbbells).

Dumbbell workouts

Stand in an upright position and hold a pair of dumbbells between your hands. Then go down the body until you stand in the middle of the body and leave a distance between the feet of shoulder width.

After that, raise the left leg in front of you from the ground and keep the leg raised while lowering the body to take a squatting position.

Then try to lift the dumbbell in front of you and return to the starting position again. If it is difficult for you to do these exercises, you can do squats on the bench on 3 sets for each group 10 times.

10. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (The Six Pack Exercise).

Dumbbell exercises

Lie on the floor with your feet together and the dumbbells between your hands so that it is next to the thighs.

Trying to lift the legs up from the ground by applying pressure on the Six Pack muscles.

Then returning with both arms to the back so that the body forms a curve and then returning again with the arms to place them next to you.

Do this exercise on 3 sets of each group 10-20 times.

Build Six-Packs With These Dumbbell Exercises For Abs For 2021

11. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Eccentric Bicep Curls).


One of the best dumbbell exercises for gaining strong and massive arm muscles.

The method of practicing it mainly works to put a large amount of weight on the dumbbell muscles in the biceps in the arms.

By practicing slow when the dumbbells come down in a period of not less than 3 seconds.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Arms To Get A massive Arms 2021

12. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Laying Triceps Extensions).


Nothing is better than combining this best dumbbell exercise for the triceps muscle with a previous bicep workout. For massive and integrated arm muscles.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Arms To Get A massive Arms 2021

13. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Hammer Curls).


This exercise, which is considered an important dumbbell exercise. Works mainly to strengthen the forearm muscles and the outer parts of the biceps muscles. As well as the muscles that connect the biceps muscles with the forearm muscles.

14. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Side Laterals Workout).


Basic dumbbell exercises for the shoulder muscles. Which gives muscle strength and bulk to the lateral parts of the shoulder muscles.

This exercise is indispensable for increasing the strength of the shoulder and its ligaments.

And increasing the strength and density of tissues and fibers that make up the shoulder muscles.

15. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Dumbbell Row Workout).


It is among the basic exercises for the back muscles, both dumbbell exercises.

As it aims to amplify and strengthen the lateral and middle parts of the back muscles.

Also to sculpting the lateral parts of the back and destroying the fat accumulated around it.

One of the most important things that should be paid attention to. Is about practicing this exercise is to maintain the integrity of the back completely so that no unpleasant injuries occur.

16. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Goblet Squat Exercise).

Dumbbell Exercises for the lower body muscles should include this exercise that aims to strengthen many of the lower body muscles.

From the back muscles through the front and back parts of the thighs.

As well as strengthening the quadriceps muscles above the knee up to strengthening the leg muscles.

17. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Nordic Lean exercise).

One of the great exercises with great effect and important in terms of strengthening the hamstrings and ligaments of the knee and increasing their flexibility.

As well as raising the stamina capabilities of the back and front parts of the thigh muscles and increasing their strength.

18. Full Body Dumbbell Workouts (Romanian Deadlift Exercise).

One of the compound dumbbell exercises that target more than one muscle group at the same time.

Which is the lower back muscles responsible for supporting the human movement in addition to the back parts of the thigh muscles.

Benefits of Full Body Dumbbell Workouts.

Most health clubs and gyms offer a large number of cardio equipment, weight training machines, stacks of free weights.

Achieving muscle stretching When it comes to fitness equipment, there is nothing better than dumbbells to achieve the desired fitness results.

For those who aim for strength training, there are countless options for exercises that increase muscle strength.

Options include traditional weight machines, barbells, dumbbells, as well as a wide range of equipment. You can use dumbbells in compound exercises to achieve different strength results.

Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises and due to their adequate size.

They can be held on them in every hand and use dumbbells to create a variety of different movement patterns for their development.

Dumbbells can help you focus on one leg or one arm. And it is one way to use dumbbells to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs and various squat exercises.

So if you want to learn more about dumbbell exercises…

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