Build Six-Packs With These Dumbbell Ab Exercises

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dumbbell ab exercises

To get a strong and muscular belly with a so-called six-pack. You should especially take care of the nutrition that will help you get rid of the fat on your belly. and you should take care of the physical effort that will form a six-pack on your stomach. The abs muscles help with a variety of daily tasks, such as lifting or pushing things. In this article that we have in hand. We will show you the best dumbbell ab exercises. Well, let’s move on to the most powerful dumbbell ab exercises.

Using dumbbells, so far nothing surprising. Adding weight increases resistance during exercises. But, these are excellent alternatives to classical. And repetitive exercises that sculpt concrete abs.

dumbbell ab exercises mean exercises that target the abs muscles. And this type of exercise relies on the use of dumbbells in every step of the exercises.

These exercises strengthen the abs muscles and highlight their beauty. Among the most popular exercises used when doing dumbbell exercises for the Abs are the following:

  • The Russian twist.
  • The abs in pronation.
  • The dumbbell rollout.
  • The one arm renegade row.
  • Abs with dumbbells.
  • Abs, the great classic.
  • The butt lift.
  • The ventral sheathing, the safe bet.
  • The raised cladding.
  • Push-ups, not just for the arms.
  • Push-ups … with one hand.
  • *Push-ups, try them hit.
  • Back sheathing, pay attention to balance.
  • Abs exercise on the Swiss ball.
  • For the crunch, get help.
  • Abdominal plank, hands joined.
  • Pull-ups.

Now you have known the names of abs exercises, you must be wondering how to do them. So in this article, we will provide you with a method of doing the exercises besides the illustrations.

The Best dumbbell ab exercises

1. Dumbbell Exercises For Abs (The Russian twist).

Sit down, grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them. Use them to perform lateral movements bypassing the dumbbells from one side to the other of your body.

The important thing here is to stay sheathed by avoiding parasitic movements and uncontrolled rotations. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

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2. Dumbbell Exercises For Abs (The abs in pronation).

dumbbell ab exercises

Lie on your back. Hold the dumbbells in front of you, arms straight. Do sit-ups by standing up while keeping the dumbbells above you.

Once you have reached a seated position, slowly come back down, contracting your abs without slacking off. Again, do 10 repetitions of this movement.

3. Dumbbell Exercises For Abs (The dumbbell rollout).

This time use the dumbbell as a roller. Stand on one forearm and keep the dumbbell on the floor with the opposite hand.

Roll the dumbbell away from you while remaining covered, then come back. This sheathing works the abdominals in-depth and over their entire length.

Repeat this back and forth 10 times on each arm.

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4. Dumbbell Exercises For Abs (The one arm renegade row).

Stand on your tiptoes, arms straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Perform the dumbbell lift while remaining straight and sheathed.

Make sure the deadlift is straight. Finish the session with a set of 10 for each arm of this exercise.

5. Dumbbell Exercises For Abs (Abs with dumbbells).

dumbbell ab exercises

For this exercise, start the legs stretched horizontally and then raise them while keeping the torso straight.

Hold the dumbbells in your hands with your arms straight to optimize the exercise.

Once the balance is found, hold the position for at least 30 seconds, come back down slowly, and repeat about ten times.

The Best Exercises For The Abs Without Dumbbells:

1. Exercises For Abs (Abs, the great classic).

dumbbell ab exercises

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned sit-up session to build your stomach and support fat loss.

On your back, legs bent, bring your torso forward and come back to the starting position.

Without rushing, maintain a rapid pace to ease and smooth the gesture. Repeat the movement 15 to 20 times.

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2. Exercises For Abs (The butt lift).

dumbbell ab exercises

The butt lift, like the hip lift, is an exercise that will allow you to work your stomach muscles and lower back.

On your back with your arms on the floor, elevate your legs using a gym ball or other prop and hold for about 1 minute.

3. Exercises For Abs (The ventral sheathing, the safe bet).

 exercises for the abs

If you are looking for a simple exercise, core strength training is for you.

It is simply a matter of positioning yourself facing the ground, legs and torso stretched out, and resting on both elbows … and of holding on as long as possible. Come on, thirty seconds or 1 minute, it’s already a good effort.

4. Exercises For Abs (The raised cladding).

exercises for abs women

You can adopt variations in the core exercises. Here, for example, you elevate your legs with the help of an accessory, so that your back is straight.

Then, as usual, try to hold the position between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

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5. Exercises For Abs (Push-ups, not just for the arms).

exercises for abs men

The push-up exercise is special because it requires energy and strength in the arms. It, therefore, allows you to work your upper body but also to tone your abdominal strap.

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6. Exercises For Abs (Push-ups … with one hand).

exercises for abs at home

To vary the pleasures, and if you have mastered the classic gesture, you can try your hand at one-handed push-ups. Be careful, the exercise is more difficult, and beware of muscle problems in the shoulder and back.

7. Exercises For Abs (Push-ups, try them hit).

workout for abs beginners

always for the sake of breaking the monotony of a weight training session, think of so-called “hit” pumps.

It’s just a matter of letting go of the contact with the ground and clapping your hands, then going back down to the classic push-up position.

A demanding movement that forces you to adopt a sustained pace. Not recommended for beginners, so.

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8. Exercises For Abs (Back sheathing, pay attention to balance).

The back core exercise is often done to strengthen the lower back muscles or the glutes, but it is also useful for working the abdominals.

Hold this position (pictured) for 30 seconds, being careful not to arch your back.

Be careful, this exercise requires the smallest balance.

9. Exercises For Abs (Abs exercise on the Swiss ball).

exercises for abs with ball

How about adding a little variety and difficulty to your ab workout? You can for example use a gym ball (or swiss ball).

You will always work on your abdominal belt and you will also appeal to your sense of balance and your skills of concentration.

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10. Exercises For Abs (For the crunch, get help).

exercises with weights for abs

The crunch exercise is sometimes difficult to tame, especially when starting out.

To help you, do not hesitate to call on a training partner to help you keep your feet on the ground and thus promote the movement, but also to motivate you.

11. Exercises For Abs (Abdominal plank, hands joined).

exercise for abs

Abdominal plank exercise has many variations. For example, you can choose, as in this photo, to raise your body slightly by extending your arms and bring your hands together.

You do this double blow since, besides working your abs, you will also ask for your glutes.

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12. Exercises For Abs (Pull-ups).

exercises for abs with weights

The pull-up exercise is more intended to strengthen the muscles of the back and the arms.

But the gesture also makes it possible to extensively apply the abdominal belt. Hanging on the bar, pull your arms so that your head is above the bar.

So if you want to learn more about dumbbell exercises…

Source: Jen Widerstrom

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