Best Dumbbell Bicep Exercises To Build A Massive Biceps

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dumbbell bicep exercises

So, you want to know the best dumbbell bicep exercises. The biceps muscle consists of two heads: the short head and the long head. It is one of the three muscles located in the front of the arm, namely the humeral muscle, the coracoid muscle, and the biceps muscle. The biceps receive their neurotransmitter via the musculocutaneous nerve. Although this muscle is small, it receives a great interest in gyms.

For bodybuilders, next to it are the chest muscles, the deltoid muscle, and the triangle muscle.

The biceps muscle is attached to the bones of the arm by connective tissue called tendons. Their job is to maintain balance in the shoulder joints and bend the arms at the elbows.

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What are the biceps?

Biceps is the upper arm muscle used as the Latin name for its biceps. These muscles are also called the two-headed upper arm muscle or called the muscle ball.

Muscles have two heads, hence the name “two heads”. The long head has its origin with supracranial tuberculosis of the shoulder blade.

This elbow is located above the bowl of the shoulder joint. The short head finds its origin in the coracoids process, located at the top of the shoulder joint itself.

At the bottom of the muscle is attached to the hump of the speaking bone.

The biceps is one of the racing muscles. This means that muscle contraction makes movement in the joints possible. In this case, the biceps ensures that the elbow can make a bending motion.

When you extend your elbow again, the biceps of your triceps will be helped. This last muscle is the antimicrobial one.

which means that it is a muscle that stretches the body and returns the arm to a resting or so-called resting position

More clearly, the cooperation between the biceps and triceps is explained as follows:

  • The biceps muscle contracts and at that moment the triceps are relaxed and thus can be stretched.
  • When you want to extend your arm again, the triceps muscles tighten and stretch the biceps muscles again.

So if you want to train the biceps, it is important to pay attention to the flexing properties of the muscle. and do exercises that train the muscles during this movement.

The Most Important Dumbbell Bicep Exercises:

bicep dumbbell exercises mean exercises that target the biceps muscles. And this type of exercise relies on the use of dumbbells in every step of the exercises.

These exercises strengthen the biceps muscles and highlight their beauty. Among the most popular exercises used when doing dumbbell exercises for biceps are the following:

  • curls exercise.
  • Spiral cable curl exercise.
  • Incline dumbbell curl exercise.
  • Barbel curl exercise.
  • Preacher curl exercise.

1. Curls Exercise.

best dumbbell bicep exercises

From research from ACE (American Council on Exercise) in association with the University of Wisconsin. among other things, it turns out that curls are the best exercise for the biceps.

This is mainly due to the fact that you can turn off other muscle groups during this exercise. This way you can only train the biceps and this is reflected in the results.

To keep other muscle groups like the shoulder out of the movement as much as possible, this exercise is best done while seated.

When you are sitting, spread your legs apart, lean forward, and place the arm elbow with the dumbbell on the inside of the thigh (see picture). This position isolates the biceps.

Next, fully extend your arm and take it to the shoulder of the arm holding the dumbbell.

When the muscles are completely contracted, keep your hands still. Make sure to keep your wrist as straight as possible. Lower the dumbbell again until your arm is fully extended.

You can do focus curl at the end of the training, among other things. Due to muscle isolation, this is the exercise par excellence to deplete the biceps and put the point on the i.

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2. Spiral cable curl exercise.

dumbbell bicep exercises

In this exercise, you mainly train your biceps, but you also come up with the humeral muscle looking a little stronger around the corner.

These muscles are located under the biceps and have the same function. Brachialis will be trained anyway. This happens more strongly with one exercise than the other.

While crimping the fixed cable, you will be using more muscles than just your biceps.

This is because you are completely unstable during a workout due to the weight attached to the cable. This, in turn, ensures that you will be using the stable muscles around the biceps. Nevertheless, it is one good exercise for your biceps.

Various attachments can be connected with the cable. As you can see in the picture, you can attach a rod to it, but it can also be loose handles.

In this exercise, we will adhere to the interpretation in the bar. Provide a short straight tape and connect it to the device cable. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure your knees are slightly bent.

Then tighten your abs and keep them tight throughout the exercise. You can grab the bar with a special grip, so keep your fingers and thumb pointing upward.

Then lower the bar towards the thighs and raise it to chest level. You can then repeat the exercise as many times as you want.

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By bending your knees, your abdominal muscles automatically tighten and stand firmer. When you are stronger, you are less likely to use back muscles as an aid to an exercise.

You don’t want this, as this loosens your biceps. You also prefer lighter weight than extra pounds. When the exercise is too heavy for you, you are more likely to use more muscles than just your biceps.

3. Incline dumbbell curl exercise.

dumbbell bicep exercises

During this exercise, you cannot use the back muscles when they get heavy. You can isolate the biceps and allow these muscles to do all the work. Plus, you don’t have to pay attention to whether or not you are cheating on your back muscles.

For this exercise, you will need a fitness bench so your back can rest against the backrest.

Adjust the sofa so the backrest is at a 30-degree angle. Then sit back on the sofa and grab one or two dumbbells (you can train one or two biceps at the same time) and get a special grip.

Then let the arms hang down and bend them slightly. There is no tension on the biceps.

During exercise, ensure that your elbows are as still while lifting the dumbbells as possible. Then lower the weights again and repeat the exercise.

With this exercise, you don’t have to grab the heaviest weights right away. Movement is greater than other exercises and this makes this exercise difficult, even without heavyweights.

It is better if you are able to repeat the exercise more times to get the best results.

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4. Barbel curl exercise.

dumbbell bicep exercises

With curls, you mainly train your biceps, but your forearms are also involved. It’s actually an isolated exercise, but not as isolating as curl focus.

In addition to the forearms, there is a possibility that your back will participate in the exercise. By doing the exercise correctly, you can prevent this and continue to isolate the correct muscle group.

To start, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then grab a barbell shoulder-width and down.

Make sure your upper body is well extended and your arms straight. This is your starting position. Next, lift the barbell up to shoulder height, hold it here for a moment, and focus on your biceps.

You really have to feel it working. Finally, lower the iron slowly again and repeat the exercise if desired.

Important to keep your back slouched while curling your hair. It is important that you do not use excessive weights.

It is better to do the exercise correctly with the biceps in mind, rather than working with your back to lift the barbell.

5. Preacher curl exercise.

dumbbell bicep exercises

The biceps are completely isolated from other muscle groups while curling the preacher.

This is in contrast to, for example, a curl and a standing cable curl. With these exercises, there are other muscles that are happy to participate.

The preacher means the minister, and the name of the exercise comes from the position of the preacher.

For this exercise, you will also have to use what is called a curling bench.

To start, sit on a bench curl, and hold a shoulder-width rail in your hands. Also, make sure your palm is facing forward.

Make sure your arms are resting on a support. If your arms are crooked or the position is incorrect, you have a chance to force things, and you can increase the pressure on your wrists.

So take your time in good manners.

If you are in the right place, bring iron with special grips for you. Make sure to let your biceps do the work.

Constantly keep your biceps under tension, even when your iron is low again. Be careful not to extend your arms.

Perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner. Bear in mind that you only use the biceps and it also works properly.

Look ahead and don’t forget your back. Always keep it straight.

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Advice for Bicep Dumbbell Exercises

Already excited to properly train your biceps? We’ve already referred to this for a number of exercises, but there are a number of points you should take into consideration while training.

Read the following tips and make sure you are getting the most out of your biceps workout.

Tip 1: Correct weight

Although you may want to train your muscles quickly, it is never wise to use heavyweights. If you do, you run the risk of not training your biceps muscles optimally.

With weight gain, other muscles like back and shoulder muscles will have to gain weight.

This is why you lose the isolation of the biceps and you can no longer train optimally. So choose a lighter weight and do the exercise well, instead of gaining weight.

Tip 2: Move your hands

We have explained different exercises, but of course, there are many exercises to train your biceps.

To give exercises more dimension, you can also move your hands during the exercise. You can do this well with barbell exercises such as the barbell curl.

Why do you move your hands during exercise? As it was said before, the biceps consists of a short and long head.

By absorbing the barbell with a narrower grip, you emphasize the long head.

This way you can train extra. When you place your hands wider than shoulder-width, you train the short head well.

Remember, changing the position of your hand doesn’t completely isolate one head.

You briefly put the focus on the long or short head, but the other head continues with training.

Tip 3: Isolate

As you have already read. It is ideal for training the biceps when muscles are isolated.

This way you only train your biceps while you use little or no other muscle. To isolate the biceps, you can do exercises such as the focus curl or the caller curl.

If you are doing an exercise in which the muscles are not completely isolated by the situation. Make sure you are using the fewest muscles possible.

You can do this by following Tip 1 (use the correct weight) or by performing the exercise as much as possible.

Always remember to keep your back as straight as possible. If the other muscles want to work with it, then these are the back and shoulders.

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Tip 4: From beginning to end

The above exercises are in random order. The advice we can give you when training the biceps is as follows: Start with the exercise that will allow you to lift the most weight.

Then you complete the exercises in this order, from most to least weight. That way you can also do the exercises well at the end of the workout to get the best result.

Now you know what a bicep is, the exercises that exist to train your biceps, you’ve received good advice that you remember while training. This way training biceps becomes a piece of cake.

So if you want to learn more about dumbbell exercises…

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