10 Best Gym Equipment for Your Home (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2021

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Best Gym Equipment

If you’re like most men, you’re there for training, for your personal health -; the last thing you think of is the glory of being spotted in the gym. The truth is, men are extremely embarrassed when it comes to exercising, but it is rarely talked about. If having all the exertion of a home gym sounds appealing to you, we’ve got news for you: it’s much better than a gym membership. Let go of the high testosterone atmosphere and clear some space to get in the shape of a lifetime. These are the 10 best home gym equipment that can turn your entire exercise regimen on its head.

The best home gym equipment

1.GoYoga High-Density Mat BalanceFrom – Home Gym Equipment

Whether you do yoga at home or on the go, the BalanceFrom mat is for you. A few men we know even use these mats to give them extra support when using foam rollers or dumbbells for overhead movements. This includes a carrying strap, allowing you to grab it and hit the road, or hang it high when not in use.

If you can imagine what this mat will look like after a few workouts, don’t worry; It comes with moisture resistant technology, allowing you to easily clean it from top to bottom. Fifteen seconds of soapy water will remove any marks left by perspiration and make it look new. This item is sold exclusively on Amazon. It can also be used as a yoga mat.


  • Comes with a carrying strap for on-the-go use
  • Double-sided non-slip surface
  • Moisture resistant for easy washing in 15 seconds

Amazon Price.

2. Nordictrack T Treadmill – Home Gym Equipment

The T Series comes with a bit of everything. To kick off our home gym mega-list, we started with the most trusted name in cardiovascular conditioning: NordicTrack. Hundreds of customers have appreciated the variety of features, from the MP3 player integrated in the docking station to pre-programmed workouts.

One of the biggest problems with cardiovascular exercise is that you have to be in the zone, and halfway treadmills won’t do it.

In addition to the excellent tread length of 20 “X55”, you also get a digital incline adjustment system, which allows you to move up to 10% of your incline targeting specific muscle groups.

You’re here for the workout of a lifetime, and you won’t get it if you don’t have the right equipment for top-level cardiovascular training. The programs provided with this device have been designed by certified trainers so that you can reap all the rewards, with no hourly cost per session. The best treadmill, by far, belongs to NordicTrack, and it could to belong.


  • Target muscle groups with automatic digital tilt capabilities
  • Plug-in MP3 player to listen to your tracks on the treadmill
  • Comes with twenty built-in workouts, designed by certified personal trainers.

Amazon Price.

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike – Home Gym Equipment

We’ve written about Sunny Health and Fitness products before, and we were excited to try this one. For starters, this exercise bike is designed for a maximum weight of 220 pounds. It’s the perfect cutoff point of cost and stress for losing weight through cardiovascular exercise in great shape, while providing you with just enough comfort so you can keep craving for more.

Thanks to the foam rubber paddles along the handles, as well as the functional and comfortable seat, you are comfortably installed while you sweat.

You also get an LCD display with a fitness, calorie loss, distance and more tracking feature.

The assembly is a bit of a hassle, but once you prop it up, it will take a freight train to bring it down. This is a very sturdy build with simple to follow instructions making it a very straightforward process. Sunny Health and Fitness is about giving you what you need, and nothing else. This exercise bike sits at a great price, keeping the green in your wallet.


  • The adjustable height allows you to avoid back pain.
  • LCD monitor with fitness tracking
  • Excellent 22 lb flywheel and drive resistance

Amazon Price.

4. Bench with Upgraded Wider – Home Gym Equipment

If you are going to go for a full-body workout, the type that gets your legs, arms, and core nice and toned (especially with summer approaching) then you are on the right track. Universal doesn’t like flashy price tags, which is why they celebrated their rise to Amazon’s Choice by slashing their own price.

You get a leg developer to train your hamstrings and provide a low impact resistance workout, which are covered with five inch thick foam rollers to keep you nice and comfortable during the whole process.

The stabilizers allow you to work as hard as possible and not have to worry about the bench sliding on the ground. Carpet, hardwood, it doesn’t matter.

You get up to five adjustable positions, giving you control over how you exercise from any angle you prefer, and maximizing your strength training affected zones. We spent a grand total of eighteen minutes setting it up, so if you’re not crazy about taking up a lot of your day to manage it, Universal UB300 Adjustable Bench is the right choice for you.


  • Five adjustable positions
  • Stabilizers prevent slipping on floors, carpets or hardwood.
  • Includes a leg developer

Amazon Price.

5. Concept2 Model 2

Concept2 has been the leader in rowing for centuries. When we covered our rowing machine buying guide, they were everywhere. After using it for personal resistance training, we crowned it as one of the best investments in home gym equipment ever.

If you’re in doubt about the price, we get it, but listen to the specs before moving on to number 5. Rowers work your arms, back, calves, thighs and core, all in one fell swoop. There isn’t one machine that does it all for you, but this one is very close.

You get real-time data that is as reliable as it gets, giving you insight into your calorie burn. Rowers are notoriously heavy, and although this one weighs only 57 lbs, it still detaches into two pieces for easy vertical storage.

Let’s say you set aside a healthy budget to get a full home gym today and came to see us; you may not have room to accommodate all the machines. Storage is key, especially when there are multiple pieces of equipment.


  • Low impact training with as many affected muscle groups as possible
  • 14-inch seat height adjustment
  • Separates into two parts for storage

Amazon Price.

6. Nautilus Elliptical Trainer

Ellipticals never went anywhere, we just started making several kinds of ew machines. The stars of the 1990s are still in the spotlight today, but we’re going to warn you now, we don’t recommend this without the help of a group of experts.

The manufacturer said it took four hours and we were a bit reckless. 750ml of rum later, and the bugger was built, but you can’t really say saving the piece was worth it. This elliptical machine comes with just about all the modern conveniences of exercise equipment you can imagine, including a USB charging cradle, media tablet, and an adjustable built-in fan to keep your cool while you exercise.

You also get DualTrack LCD displays, which come in handy when trying to switch between programs and read twenty-two programs, as well as eight heart rate monitor settings.

This product weighs quite a bit (183lbs), so if you’re about to end a rental or move in the next month, we recommend that you wait until you are settled in your new home. It won’t be easy to move around, but the full body exercise that you will get as a result is definitely worth it.


  • Comes with 22 programmed functions for multiple exercises
  • DualTrack LCD screens are easy to read
  • USB support charger with adjustable fan support tablet

Amazon Price.

7. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

If you have flashbacks to 3:30 a.m. infomercials, you’re going to be sad that you didn’t go for the PR3000 back then. If you’re short on space or just want to have as few machines as possible to maintain, the PR3000 is your one-stop-shop training center.

If you’re looking to get chiseled and stay that way, you are about to join the Bowflex family. You’re short on time, can’t focus on a million different workouts, and you want something easy in the morning to get you ready for the day; we understand it.

You get up to 210 pounds of resistance with this bad boy, and he will support up to 300 pounds of personal weight. Blending is going to be a hell of a chore, so we recommend opening a beer first.

This thing is constructed from straight steel, and comes with comfortable seats to keep your back aligned, and relieve aches and stiffness when you’re done. Unless it’s a good burn, your back shouldn’t be on fire when you jump.


  • Optimal for over 50 strength training exercises
  • 300 lbs maximum user weight
  • Provides up to 210 lbs of resistance for a deadly workout.

Amazon Price.

8. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are a cardio solution for mountain bikers and mountain bikers in all of us who are subject to restrictions due to the weather

Four rainy days isn’t quite the cardio workout of your life, but with Schwinn’s recumbent bike you can get the same resistance training you normally would on your trailer, no matter how small. You get 25 levels of resistance, allowing you to mimic natural environments such as rolling forests and downhill roads.

There are also 29 programs already built into your DualTrack LCD monitor, so that’s more than the standard number of calories burned you see on standard recumbent bikes. Schwinn offers a unique feeling of softness; you already ride those shabby standing bikes at the gym, and there is no flywheel?

Rather, we should ask you if you’ve used them before and felt like there was no chain or rolling movement? Yes, it sucks, but Schwinn, we do a simulation without getting into a bad weather situation.


  • 29 programs on the DualTrack LCD display
  • 25 resistance levels; get the most out of your training
  • High-quality flywheel and drive system for a smooth drive

Amazon price.

9. Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit

First rule about the fight club …. it’s in your house, so you have the right to talk about it. Punching bags have been notoriously bulky and expensive in the past, but the Everlast MMA bag adds a new player to the game. First of all, its price is more than appealing and it comes with more than just a bag. .

You also get an elastic cord with exceptional weight capacity, allowing you to hang your bag anywhere you want (provided the source can support the weight). You also get a pair of boxing gloves, and finally, you get over 100 “of hand wrap.

The bag weighs seventy pounds, giving you plenty of weight to hit, while still being able to use your bungee cord. Synthetic fibers fill this bag, mixed with a mixture of sifted sand to create the perfect impact environment. This bag is even customizable in height, so you won’t have to open the box to find a universal solution. Ready to train MMA style


  • The bag weighs 70 pounds
  • Adjustable height customization
  • Custom synthetic infill with sifted sand

Amazon Price.

10.Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells

We wish they had been around for a long time, because one of us has 10-60lb dumbbells in different types of dumbbells. Bowflex isn’t just your guilt fun infomercial in the middle of the night; they are also leaders in innovating the entire coaching experience.

You don’t need to grab a bunch of new dumbbells every time you upgrade to the next weight level; these are adjustable from 5 lbs, up to 52.5 lbs on each dumbbell, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Each dumbbell features a comfortable grip with contour molding, making it easy to hold, even in an upright position when lying on your back or in a hooked position. This molding sits between the weights as well, ensuring you don’t get that aggravating metallic clicking feel.

They’re a little stiff, but they just might be the last dumbbells you’ll ever need. Don’t forget to also check out our list of the best dumbbell lockers of 2018!


  • Adjustable weights; no need to buy multiple sets
  • Goes from 5lbs to 52.5lbs each
  • Contour molding to fit your hands

Amazon Price.

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