The 10 Best Fitness Trackers (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2021

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When it comes to the best fitness trackers, you are truly spoiled for choice. In fact, it can feel like a brain training session to get up to speed on how they work and what all of those functions mean. So when it comes to the dizzying array of activity trackers, fitness bands, and workout smartwatches that are out on the market right now, how do you choose the right one for you?

The movement of the fitness tracker originally started a long time ago, when the simple pedometer reminded us to get up and keep moving forward.

The 10,000 steps a day mantra has since been totally surpassed, with new smart devices appearing to hit the market every day, promising to track, monitor, measure, and improve every aspect of our active (and less active) lives.

Used correctly, activity trackers can truly be your health’s best friend. Whether it’s just making sure you get enough movement each day to counter the hours spent at the computer or on the couch.

Or the latest in smartwatch technology to keep your Ironman workout and levels high. performance on the rails, they really are a useful tool.

Which is The best fitness tracker watch right now?

Make the right choice when choosing an activity and fitness tracker and this little piece of wrist technology can help you live healthier and feel great. And, that’s where we come in with our official guide to the best fitness tracker watch of 2021.

1.Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker watch.

Fitbit’s bestseller, Charge 2, tops our Best Fitness Tracker watch list because it delivers what it promises.

It might not have the smart technology of high-end models, but as an easy-to-use daily activity tracker that can improve when you do, it’s the first in our line. arrival.

The price is pretty good too, and if you use it every day you’ll get what you pay for with this slim and fit dude.

The Charge 2 comes in Fitbit’s recognizable design, albeit with improved functionality over its previous version.

the display screen is a bit larger and the band thicker so it doesn’t feel as compact or streamlined as some of the other fitness bands from the Fitbit stable.

But the screen is clear and tactile, which makes it very intuitive to use.

The rubber strap feels nice and comfortable and doesn’t irritate, which is a good thing because you really have to wear the Charge 2 all the time, to get the most out of its tracking capabilities.

In return, you get continuous monitoring of heart rate and heart rate zones, sleep quality tracking as well as regular activity tracking throughout the day like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes. Charge 2 also syncs all your stats wirelessly with IOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The main downside to Charge 2 is that you can’t take it in the pool, but for daily activity tracking (it’s splash-proof in the rain) we can forgive it for not liking to get its feet wet.

If you love diving, be sure to check out our review of diving watches.

Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics.

  • PurePulse Continuous Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Maximize your workouts with simplified heart rate zones.
  • Personalized Cardio Fitness Score.
  • Connect to GPS via Fitbit App.
  • Calls, SMS.

Fitness Tracker watch Specifications.

  • Mark: Fitbit
  • Model: FB407SBKL FB407SBKL
  • Device weight: 1.28 ounces

Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • Nice big screen for a slim group.
  • Easy to use sleep tracking.
  • Multisport monitoring.

Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • It is not waterproof.
  • Vibration notification may sound a little louder.

Amazon Price.

2. Apple Smart Watch Series 3 Fitness Tracker

With a starting price of $ 250, the Apple Smart Watch 3 is inevitably one of the most expensive of our best fitness trackers.

But it truly is a premium product and the ultimate hybrid: a smartwatch for the fantastic looking that is also ready to become your best friend when it comes to health and fitness.

All 3 are simply stunning and with interchangeable shoulder straps and a customizable display screen, you can make them totally your own.

Plus, there are plenty of fitness and tracking features built-in, so you’re not totally dependent on being around your smartphone.

The Apple Smart Watch 3 performs all the smart technology magic you’ve come to expect – you can take calls, check emails and texts, and receive notifications.

You can also stream your music library right to your wrist, which is perfect for your own personal training soundtrack and syncs with your iOS fitness apps.

Add to that a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS, barometric altimeter, to name a few, and you can track your movements, activity, and training performance all day long. Oh, and it’s a waterproof fitness tracker too.

The Apple Smart Watch 3 is the ultimate multitasking sports watch that, when it comes to tracking your health, is right for your job.

Apple Smart Watch Characteristics:

  • Clear and bright OLED display.
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope, heart rate sensor.
  • Displays notifications and runs apps.
  • Take calls through your smartwatch.
  • Stream your workout music right to your wrist.

Apple Smart Watch Specifications:

  • Mark: Apple
  • Model: SmrtWatc 27 – ; 38mm
  • Device weight: 4.8 ounces

Apple Smart Watch Advantages:

  • Built-in GPS so you don’t have to be near your phone.
  • Impressive fitness features and can go in the pool.
  • The pretty decent battery life of the smartwatch.

Apple Smart Watch Disadvantages:

  • Only iPhone compatible.

Amazon Price.

3. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

The Versa is one of Fitbit’s recent forays into the smart watch/activity tracker hybrid market, and they’ve done a good job, delivering a nice-sized watch with a few handy features, all for under $ 200.

By price alone, it beats the Apple 3 hands down. But is it that good? Well, not quite, because there is no built-in GPS, but it has great appeal to the user.

From heart rate monitoring and simple 24/7 activity tracking to specific activity modes and personalized on-screen coaching, it also offers wellbeing support including sleep tracking and guided breathing.

It’s water-resistant, it’s one of the best waterproof activity trackers, it’s good for the pool too.

You can connect your Versa to make it smart and add GPS, get notifications and download music and access apps, whether it’s on iOS or Android plus it has great battery life for a smartwatch – up to four days on a single charge.

although you will consume more of that battery if you leave the Versa on continuous connectivity.

The Versa is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, quality activity tracker with all the specs to help you reach your fitness goals, which also happens to be a smartwatch.

Our guide to the best sleep trackers features more great products like this.

FitBit Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics:

  • Personalized on-screen coaching.
  • Track your activity all day, 24/7, heart rate.
  • Use over 15 exercise modes like running or swimming.
  • Stores over 300 songs for your workout soundtrack.
  • Access your favorite sports and fitness apps.

FitBit Fitness Tracker watch Specifications:

  • Mark: Fitbit
  • Model: Fitbit
  • Device weight: 5.1 ounces

FitBit Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Longer battery life for a smartwatch.
  • Works with iOS and Android.

FitBit Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • GPS not integrated

Amazon Price.

4. Garmin Vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch Fitness Tracker GPS

This is a rugged and smart watch from GPS specialist Garmin that offers a host of smart tech packed into a versatile fitness and activity tracker that you would be more than happy to be seen. carry.

It’s not cheap, with only 50$ less than the Apple 3, but with the rugged look of a solid sports watch and the technical characteristics one would expect from Garmin, the Vivoactive gives you a certain number of bells and whistles.

Pre-loaded with an awesome GPS system and over 15 sports apps, this smartwatch / health tracker follows you no matter what your activity is and is customizable so you can create your own workouts.

There’s also an efficient heart monitor on board and all of the Vivoactive’s gear is very hardcore active gear.

But it’s also a smartwatch that cares about your well-being, with an easy-to-use sleep and stress tracker monitor, plus the usual tracking features you might expect.

The Vivoactive also holds its own against other high-end fitness trackers, with great connectivity, notifications, great battery life, and an onboard pay feature so you never get caught out.

All in all, this is a trendy oversized smartwatch that is worth the investment if you are serious about your sport.

It’s also probably one of the best activity trackers for running that we’ve reviewed. If you like the brand, take a look at our review of Garmin watches of 2018.

Garmin Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics:

  • Create your own personalized running, cycling, cardio, or strength training workouts.
  • Daily monitoring of fitness, heart, and stress.
  • Over 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps.
  • Garmin Pay ™ loan lets you pay and play.
  • Battery life up to seven days.

Garmin Fitness Tracker watch Specifications:

  • Mark: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01769-00
  • Device weight: 9,6 ounces

Garmin Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • Circular and elegant face design.
  • Preloaded GPS and heart rate monitor.
  • Advanced workout tracking.

Garmin Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • No music storage option.
  • Not as many apps as the Apple.

Amazon Price.

5. Amazfit Bip Bip Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

The Amazfit Bip smartwatch is an amazing value for money and a more affordable alternative to Apple or Fitbit smart activity trackers.

Okay, it might not have the design finesse of high-end fitness trackers, but where it lacks overall style, it more than makes up for its functionality and gives you what you pay for.

Unlike the Fitbit Versa, the Bip comes with built-in GPS and one of the best batteries in this fitness tracker review, potentially up to 30 days on a single 2.5-hour charge.

This is a fully proficient fitness tracker that allows you enough connectivity to your smartphone to boost all your workouts.

With real-time tracking, a built-in heart monitor, sleep tracking mode, and a nice touchscreen, it’s really super easy to use and gives you just the right amount of feedback and sport modes to play with.

Amazfit Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics:

  • Real-time tracking and additional sport modes.
  • Heart rate monitor and integrated GPS.
  • One-way notifications via SMS, email and calls.
  • 30-day battery life on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Amazfit Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • Amazing value for a smartwatch.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Fast charging and long battery life.

Amazfit Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • Display a little on the small side.
  • Some compatibility issues with iOS apps.

Amazon Price.

6. Moov Now Fitness Tracker Watch

Returning to fitness and activity trackers, we threw a total curve ball into the mix, with the Moov Now looking rather unconventional.

Unlike the other devices in our guide, the Moov does not have a display screen and relies on your smartphone to transmit all the visual data you need.

The Moov, however, is your virtual ‘on the go’ coach, giving you real-time audio feedback on your performance, monitoring your movements, progress, and motivating you to move forward and achieve your fitness goals.

It even remembers what you did (or not) in your last session and can even raise the stake to keep you winning. There’s also a built-in heart rate monitor and the Moov can go in the water to be your swim mate too.

While its unconventional look may take a bit of getting used to, the Moov Now fitness tracker is a flexible little thing, designed to be worn on the ankle as well as on the wrist, making it a great device. for most sports and is tough enough to overcome all bumps and knocks.

And with incredible battery life – around six months – you can wear it 24/7, without missing a beat.

The Moov’s battery is not rechargeable, so make sure you always have a spare.

Sync it with the Moov Now app via iOS or Android, and you can also download your music to listen to while you sweat before you sit back and review all your stats on your smartphone, ready to plan your next workout.

It’s weird, but it works, and the price is good too. Be sure to also check our list of the best waterproof watches for more waterproof options like this.

Moov Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics:

  • Two bracelet sizes – for wrist and ankle.
  • Track your active minutes throughout the day.
  • Comes with its own built-in ‘motivational coach’.
  • Ability to follow seven different activities.
  • Works with iOS and Android.

Moov Fitness Tracker watch Specifications:

  • Mark: Moov
  • Model: M1508-bk-mov
  • Device weight: 0.32 onces

Moov Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • A great budget tracker with lots of specifications.
  • Phenomenal battery life.
  • Tracks a wide range of sports and activities.

Moov Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • No conventional display screen.
  • He’s not the best tracker in the world.

Amazon Price.

7. Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitbit’s thinnest design to date, if you’re looking for a minimalist activity tracker that gives maximum service for the price, then the Alta is definitely one to check out. Coming to around 120$.

it’s a bit of an investment for its size, but the Alta HR is an attention-grabbing device that does a great job of daily health and fitness tracking. Its previous incarnation was a bit simplistic.

But Fitbit has increased the functionality of the Alta HR without adding to the extra weight.

Ok, there’s no GPS and it’s not waterproof which is a shame, but the Alta HR has a pretty good heart rate monitor and can track your sleep as well.

It effortlessly syncs with the Fitbit Health and Fitness app on iOS and Android so you can review your progress and adjust your workout routines.

The Alta HR is a slim and comfortable heart rate monitor that can be personalized with a range of interchangeable color bands to suit your personal look and style.

Designed to be worn 24/7, it’s a performance activity tracker that’s happy to be with you every step of the way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

For more things related to fitness, check the list of fitness gifts, and find the one that is right for you.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker watch Characteristics:

  • Heart rate monitor with three training zones.
  • PurePulse heart rate-fueled sleep stages.
  • Automatically track your steps, distance, calories burned..
  • Fitbit’s thinnest design; very light.
  • Easily syncs with Fitbit Health.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker watch Specifications:

  • Mark: fitBit
  • Model: FB408SBKS
  • Device weight: 0.8 ounces

Fitbit Fitness Tracker watch Advantages:

  • Very slim and comfortable design.
  • Effective sleep tracking.
  • The battery lasts over a week on a single charge..

Fitbit Fitness Tracker watch Disadvantages:

  • A little difficult to read in bright light.
  • No GPS.

Amazon Price.

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