The Best Dumbbell Exercises List To Build A Strong Body

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Dumbbell Workouts

Best Dumbbell Exercises list For Building muscle. Today I’ll be sharing the Best dumbbell exercises for building muscle (in my opinion). I’ve accumulated my favorite exercises for the full body. Chest, Abs, Biceps, Legs, Hamstrings/ Glutes, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Arms, Upper Body, and more.

The Best Dumbbell Exercises List

  1. 21’s
  2. Clean and Press
  3. Overhead Crunches
  4. Goblet Squats
  5. Overhead Extensions
  6. Lateral Raises (Bent)
  7. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
  8. Swings
  9. Pike Push-Ups
  10. Single Arm Rows
  11. Deadlifts

1. 21’s Best Dumbbell Exercise For Biceps.

how you perform the 21’s exercise:

Is really simple there are three movements and it’s a bicep movement so, the very first movement you’re gonna be getting seven repetitions of that half of a bicep curl immediately after you’re done.

You’re gonna begin to transition into seven of the top half of motion after you’re done there this is where all hell breaks loose and you’re actually beginning with both dumbbells you can be performing.

These seven full repetitions bringing those dumbbells all the way up and then all the way down trust me one to two sets of those like just even that will be incredibly tough.

2. Clean And Press Best Dumbbell Exercise For Shoulders.

The next exercise (clean and press) is going to be my favorite one through the shoulders with just a pair of dumbbells that are going to be a dumbbell clean and press.

how you perform the Clean And Press exercise:

So, all you’re doing here it’s really simple okay so I’ve got my back slightly hinged here you always want to keep your back nice and straight gonna use it just the slightest to help you get those dumbbells off as soon as they’re up.

Here we go transition immediately into a press come back down and bring those columns towards your legs. So, you’re gonna be doing that in a continuous motion here this is what is great.

Because it also incorporates your lower back and it is actually pretty bad steadily demanding too when you get into those higher reps at somewhere between about 15 to 20 breaths.

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3. Overhead Crunches Best Dumbbell Exercise For Abs

Let’s get in the next one, okay this next one (DB Overhead Crunches) is for all of you that are gonna ask what double exercises can we do for abs.

I’ve gotcha so you’re just a traditional cinema position all we’re going to do is lift back dumbbell directly overhead.

Make sure you have a firm grip and could fall if you’re not grabbing it properly it shouldn’t.

If you’re not incompetent so all we’re doing here is actually gonna do just a crunch those shoulder blades off the ground two seconds and then come right back down up hopes for one to two seconds and then come right back down.

This is actually a really creative way to start to overload those abdominal muscles in a way that you probably aren’t really used to with just traditional body weights in addition.

I did want to actually include one of my favorite dumbbell abdominal exercises this is actually gonna be responsible for mostly getting those obliques but you will be able to hit the lower abdominals in the upper abdominals.

4. Goblet Squats Best Dumbbell Exercises For Legs

You can’t actually do this with two dumbbells if you find that you know a 20 isn’t heavy enough for you.

I know damn well on isn’t heavy enough for me I’m just demonstrating but this is still an incredibly effective exercise.

Now while I’m performing this I’m coming down and I like to add a little pause right here for about half of a second.

This just prevents that stretch reflex from just bouncing at the bottom there so it actually makes the exercise a lot more difficult.

Trust me your quads may be in a world of pain and as I’m lifting the weight back uplifting my body.

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I’m actually thinking about pressing my feet into the ground so I can flex and activate my quads and make the exercise that much more effective.

5. Overhead Extensions Best Dumbbell Exercise For Arms

You have to have big triceps and the best way to get big triceps is by hitting the long head of the triceps and the way you can do that is by performing this exercise.

Getting a full stretch of that long head because the long head of the tricep actually runs through your shoulders.

When you elevate your arm up here in this position being able to get a full stretch.

The muscle that is the most stretch is gonna be the one that is going to be demanded to do the most amount of work.

For this exercise they do prefer a rep range of about 810 repetitions, however, if you only have a lighter set of dumbbells doing upwards of 15 to 20 will be effective.

So, much so that you’re really gonna be cursing me after you perform these as they are really painful the next day in a good way.

6. Lateral Raises (Bent) Best Dumbbell Exercise For Shoulders

now when it comes to building wider rounder shoulders my favorite exercise is the pair of dumbbells it’s going to be a lateral raise perform with a slight change in your back.

You see when you’re performing the repetitions like these dumbbells are coming up right here for the most part your anterior. Or your front portion of the deltoid is going to be responsible for the movement.

Now if you want to actually build that width of your shoulders and develop that roundness, we need to target the medial head of the Dulwich way.

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So, what we can do is position ourselves on the slight hinge?

Now every time we’re bringing that dumbbell off you always want to keep parallel to the ground.

The medial head is in direct contact with gravity meaning this is going to be the muscle that is primarily responsible with lifting.

The weight as opposed to using the anterior deltoid when you’re lifting the dumbbell as such so performing those repetitions and a nice controlled manner here.

No dumbbell on the other hand makes a little bit awkward but we’re able to get the idea right here controlled position.

The hinge you don’t want to be down here it’s just a nice slight cage and that’s going to help you to hit that medial head of the deltoid and finally develop the width and the roundness of those deltoids.

7. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Best Dumbbell Exercise For Hamstrings

Next the hamstrings in the goose I really love this one here simply. So, you just position the dumbbells in front of your torso hinge at your hips.

You’ve got a slight bend in those knees bringing those dumbbells down just below the kneecap wall you know a few inches down. And then coming right back up squeeze those glutes as you’re coming back up.

This one right here because of the position right down here you’re getting a really good full stretch those hamstrings.

One thing to make sure you’re always doing is keeping that lower back nice and straight all the way down you don’t want it to round down.

Here it’s going to put a lot of pressure on the discs in your spine also ensure that tempo on the east centric and negative.

8. Swings Best Dumbbell Exercise For Lower Body

now when it comes to lower body finishes there’s no exercise I prefer more than the dumbbell swing.

So, all I’m doing right here this with my feet shoulder-width apart keeping that dumbbell the one in between the thighs here strictly hinging at the hips.

I’m not actually squatting down there I’m keeping my legs pretty stationary just hinge at the hips flex those glutes squeeze.

Those glutes as the dumbbell is right about where you don’t need to double to go all the way up here you’re not keeping any tension on the legs.

At that point and you’re just going to perform about 20 to 30 repetitions this exercise is also effective for a time to race you two were really a great finisher for that lower body.

9. Pike Push-Ups Best Dumbbell Exercises For Chest

cardiovascular demand and because no exercise list would be complete without a chest exercise, you’ll love this one.

So, what we’re going to be performing:

Here are some pipe push-ups on a set of dumbbells we do one the dumbbells because you’re able to keep your wrist pretty neutral with the set of dumbbells as opposed to.

When you’re on the ground you’re this has to get a lot of extensions which can cause discomfort in the rest.

So, all you do position your butt upwards a little bit now what we’re going to be doing is coming down for our count of one two three bring that nose to the ground pause for half of a second.

The coming right back up put it down one two three pauses and then coming right back up the pause is to prevent a stretch reflex.

It’s a dead stop it increases the challenging level of the exercise and prevents you from breaking your nose and also when we’re in this position elevated but we’re actually able to hit that upper chest.

The very lagging area that a lot of guys want to hit and the two to three seconds on the eccentric of the negative that’s to increase time under tension.

10. Single Arm Rows Best Dumbbell Exercise For Back

Now to hit the back my favorite dumbbell exercise typically I prefer to use heavier than a 20-pound dumbbell. I’m just using this to demonstrate here are going to be some single-arm dumbbell chainsaw

Now you need to focus on this position that I mean because it is important the right leg is a little bit staggered a little bit further back from the light left leg here.

That’s just so, I have the broom to bring the dumbbell up my legs right here the dumbbell is going to hit the knees.

The lower back most importantly it’s straight the butt is out you don’t want around while you perform this exercise.

You’re going to be putting your spine in a bad position so all we’re focusing and doing is bring that dumbbell close towards.

11. Deadlifts Best Dumbbell Exercise For Legs

Now while you’re performing this you want to position your feet a little bit closer than shoulder-width apart this.

Is just because as you’re coming down right here if your feet are shoulder-width apart your knees are going to be in the way of the dumbbells as you’re bringing them up.

And down with a narrower stance, you’re able to see those dumbbells slide down and glide up without hitting lamps.

Now similarly with the dumbbell goblet squat, I’m going to incorporate the dead stuff at the bottom. So, I can remove that stretch reflex it increases time under tension it really makes this exercise a lot more difficult if all you’ve got are a pair of dumbbells.

So if you want to learn more about the best dumbbell exercises…

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