Top 7 Back Workouts For Building Muscle

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Back Workouts

Are back workouts for men really all that effective? If you ask most men their trainer, they will tell you that men’s back workouts are the key to mass. This may be true, but the real question is, do back workouts for men to build muscle fast? If a man can build back muscles in a week after back workouts for men and women, how long would it take to see a similar increase in his biceps size?

This is the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find out. By now, you should already have a plan in place for your back workouts.  This includes the amount of time you will spend on them, the type of workout you will do, and the frequency of your back exercises like pull-ups and squats. You may have already figured this one out; you don’t need a spotter!

The main focus of your back workouts should be building muscle. However, some people still wonder if they will get a lot stronger than other guys. You should know that your back will contact stronger because you have more resistance. The back exercises themselves can actually help you build a lot of muscle faster than you think. 

In addition to weight machines, you also have a lot of exercises that can target your back with weights or push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Back exercises like pull-ups, rows, bent over rows, chin-ups, overhead push-ups, and bent over rows can really target your back and help you get strong.

7 Back Workouts Recommended by experts.

7. Pull-ups:

Another back exercises for men that can be done at home that may surprise you are pull-ups. Most guys think that women only do pull-ups, but both men and women, in reality, can do them. The main thing to know about pull-ups is that they should never be done with a flat back. It will be much easier for you to cheat when your back is curved than if it’s straight.

6. Jumping:

Another one of the back exercises for men that are frequently overlooked is the vertical jump. Jumping has always been a good way of building muscle, and the vertical jump is no different. You can actually perform a vertical jump while sitting on a chair! 

This means that you won’t be doing any type of fancy exercise-you need to sit up. If you’re not comfortable doing a vertical leap, then you can always strap on ankle weights to practice. Be sure to warm up before a jump to reduce any injuries.

Probably one of the back exercises for men that most people overlook is the rope. I use to do pull-ups all the time, but one day I decided to give back exercises a try and build a little muscle simultaneously. I wrapped the rope around my back and tried a lot of different pull-up motions. 

I actually ended up getting more muscular than I ever had before. The key to this back exercise is not to correct any weaknesses in your technique; use your own body to help fix any problems.

5. Rope chest press:

One of the back exercises for men that I never forget is the rope chest press. This exercise targets your back muscles but works with them differently from the other back exercises. You basically ‘punch’ your chest up while keeping your back straight. This will force your pectorals to work harder and generate more strength. I enjoyed this workout!

4. Pronated grip pull-ups

Pull-ups, a great classic to strengthen your back. If you had to select only one exercise to build up your back, it would most likely be the pull-ups in pronated grip (thumbs facing each other).  It must be said that this poly-articular exercise makes it possible to reinforce the quasi-totality of the muscles of the back, namely, your trapezoids, your rhomboids, your large round as well as the large dorsal.

3. High bar exercises:

The exercise uses a high bar. If you don’t have one, you can attach two hooks to the ceiling and hang rings from them with straps. When performing the exercise, make sure you pull your chest out to engage your back muscles and tighten your shoulder blades effectively.

There are two major mistakes when doing pull-ups. The first one consists of rounding off your back at the top of the movement, hence the interest, for example, to look at the ceiling and not at the ground during a pull-up. The second mistake is to extend your arms at the bottom of the movement entirely. 

Whatever the exercise performed in bodybuilding, it is very often advisable to keep a slight flex. Fully-extending your joints while handling a load will only increase the risk of injury. Also, be sure to perform the movements smoothly and without going too fast to avoid damage.

If you are a beginner, pull-ups are also for you! To do this, get a rubber band. Attach the rubber band to the bar and place your feet on it to consider or slightly lighter depending on the strength of the resistance you choose. This way, you can perform your first assisted pull-ups to build up your back.

2. Chest pull

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll benefit from the chest press. The exercise consists of gripping the bar and bringing it to the chest. You can also use a rubber band attached to the ceiling. The chest will be straight during the pull-up or slightly bent back. Remember to tighten your shoulder blades to gain efficiency and better feel your back work during the movement. 

1. Stretching

Here again, it is advisable not to stretch your arms at the top of the movement altogether. This position would put a lot of stress on the shoulder joint, leading to trauma in the medium term. Moreover, not completely stretching your arms is beneficial for your joints and your muscle gain. Indeed, the time under tension, in other words, the time during which your muscle is actually at work, will only be improved.

It is estimated that to achieve muscle hypertrophy, it is necessary to obtain a continuous tension of 30 to 60 seconds per set, which usually corresponds to a range of repetitions between 10 and 15, with 1 minute 30 of rest. When performing your chest press, be sure to control the load when raising and lowering the bar.

There you have it, several techniques for back exercises for men that I feel are essential in any fitness program. The rope chest press is great because it helps you build strong back muscles while building a solid upper body. Push-ups are great for your chest and back. Pull-ups will make an excellent firm back but target your back muscles in a different way than push-ups.

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